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Our Unique Planning Process

Your personal data profile

We start by working to understand your personal financial resources, your assets and liabilities and month-to-month expenditures. We’ll examine future milestones like college and weddings, and your long-term goals and dreams, including retirement. You’ll provide the information by completing our Personal Data Profile. You can rest assured that all information you provide is held in the strictest confidence.

Professional analysis

Your personal information will be reviewed by an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner using computer-driven software. Through this combination of experienced professional expertise and sophisticated computer analysis, we deliver a thorough and complete analysis, detailing your current financial position and your current ability to reach your goals and objectives. With our comprehensive online access, you’ll be able to conveniently view the results and track your progress over time.

Our recommendations for you

You’ll receive complete written recommendations explaining the strategies that we believe you should employ to pursue your goals. We’ll include hypothetical projections illustrating the likely outcome if you choose to pursue the strategies and implement our recommendations.

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