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The importance of strategic asset allocation in our long-term investment approach

We believe that the key to successful long-term investing lies in minimizing losses, rather than trying to maximize gains. We believe in prudent, long-term strategies that will help weather the market’s ups and downs, and in making consistent progress toward your long-term goals. We do not pursue “get rich quick” or “hot tips” investment strategies. We strive to be positioned to gain in rising markets and employ defensive strategies when the markets turn down.

We combine this philosophy of minimizing losses with the use of multiple investment managers and strategic asset allocation* to broaden potential and diversify risk.

Strategic asset allocation is the foundation of our approach. It enables us to more accurately measure the risk and potential return of a proposed portfolio, including your current investments. Using computer analysis, we will develop an optimal asset allocation for you according to your personal goals and investor profile, and recommend a diversified selection of stocks or institutionally managed accounts.

* Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.