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Implementation of Your Comprehensive Plan

Your financial life includes many diverse elements that can all be addressed in a holistic manner through your personal financial plan. With a complete picture of your current income, cash flow, expenses, assets and liabilities, you’ll know exactly where you stand today and in the future.

Income tax strategies

We’ll provide individualized advice on legal tax-saving strategies that can help you keep more of what you earn. In some cases, your tax savings based on our suggestions may pay for the cost of your entire financial plan.

Professional portfolio investment management

Based on an understanding of your short-term needs, your long-term goals and the time you have to work towards them, and your attitude toward investment risk, we’ll recommend a diversified asset allocation* with the potential to achieve the desired return. *Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Retirement planning

A comfortable retirement is an important goal, yet with the inadequacy and uncertainty of Social Security and employer plan benefits, many will find it difficult to achieve. Our detailed analysis will help you determine your lifestyle and funding needs, then we’ll integrate retirement funding into your overall investment program.

Education funding

As the cost of quality education continues to rise, we can help you prepare a realistic plan for funding your children’s education, and help you sort through the increasingly complex programs to identify the best approach.

Estate planning

We will evaluate your estate and develop strategies to help minimize taxes and other costs. We’ll also provide recommendations to help make sure your estate is distributed efficiently and according to your wishes.

Risk management

We provide a thorough and complete analysis of your insurance coverage to identify any exposure to unnecessary risk, including life and health insurance, and automobile, home and liability coverage. We’ll make sure you have the correct amounts and types of coverage to help protect yourself and your family.

Asset protection

In today’s litigious society and in an environment of increasing financial risks, we will recommend strategies to protect your accumulated assets from creditors and judgments.

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