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Episode 3: SVB and the Financial Sector, ESOP & Early Retirement, Crypto Risks and Our Exposure

| April 12, 2023

In our third episode your host, Arish Nurani, discusses SVB and the financial sector with our Chief Investment Officer, Jeff Cone CFA in our Market Moves segment. Then, Wealth Advisor Garrett Leroux talks early retirement and ESOP in our Timely Topic.  Finally, Jaime Benedetti provides some insight into crypto risks and our exposure in our Crypto Clip. 

0:00 Intro

1:00 Market Moves – Arish and Jeff discuss what a recession truly is and if we are headed for one.

18:50 Timely Topic –  Garrett Leroux and Arish discuss early retirement planning and ESOP shares. 

31:25 Crypto Clip – Jaime and Arish explore risk in the crypto currency landscape. 

51:55 Outro