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Successfully managing your money in today’s environment is complicated and time-consuming. You are confronted by a myriad of choices and decisions. Now, the number of mutual funds available to individual investors has increased and currently outnumbers stocks listed on the NYSE.

Just watch television, read the newspapers and magazines. Journalists offer advice to the masses, as if every investor were the same. Your choices are incredible. And so are some of the claims.

It is a proven fact that ‘get rich quick’ strategies simply do not work. Many “do it yourselfers” assume that they can become an investment expert overnight. It is difficult to become proficient in all areas of investments. It takes adequate resources, time, experience and the education to become as proficient as you need to be. Can you afford to make the costly mistakes associated with ‘self-investing’?

BEAM Wealth Advisors, Inc (BEAM) can help you sort through your options and make clear, well-informed decisions. By assessing your personal goals, risk tolerance profile and time horizon, we give you the advantage of a customized, diversified investment portfolio, managed by an award winning formula called "Asset Allocation".

As we enter the 21st century, your Investment challenge will only increase. The Financial Manager involves choosing the right combination of mutual funds and investment managers with the goal of producing more consistent returns, in a portfolio designed to control or minimize risk. Balancing investments among stock, bond and money market funds or financial institution managed accounts with the goal of providing more stable performance that long-term investors seek.

At BEAM, we believe in taking a deliberate approach to investing, rather than trying to time short-term market swings, a method that makes achieving consistent results difficult. We work to identify the investment managers most in line with your needs, then balance your portfolio to diversify among the various market sectors.

(Diversification does not assure against market loss.)

Investing in mutual funds involve risk, including the possible loss of principal. Investments in specialized industry sectors have additional risks, which are outlined in the prospectus.

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